Meet The Officials

Clarence Gallagher III - CEO & President


Clarence Gallagher III was born in Hollywood, FL on August 14, 1974. He was raised along with his younger brother by a single mother (Late Annie Mae Hillsman). He moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL in 1988 and continues to reside in that great city. Mr. Gallagher graduated from Dillard High School in 1993 and furthered his education at McFatter Vocational Technical School in 1999. He also attended Margate School of Beauty and received his Certificate of Completion in 2005 and received his Associates Degree in Business Administration at Strayer University in 2012. 

Mr. Gallagher became a proud owner of Blessed Cuts & Styles, LLC. in 2008, and is still presently operating and has passion in photography (CG3 Photography). He always had a heart to help and give back to the community. Mr. Gallagher lived in poverty when he was coming up as a little boy; he always wondered why other people have more than his family. As he matured, Mr. Gallagher has learned the power of knowledge through his experiences in life. He believes that if we can help break the generational cycle of lack of knowledge, the people in our community can stop perishing and can live their lives comfortably. In 2009, he founded and became the CEO & President of a non-profit organization with a mission to provide enriching programs and raise awareness in the areas of Crime, Poverty, Health, and Youth Entrepreneurship. He named it The Blessings Community Outreach, Inc. because knowledge is power and that alone is a Blessing!


Shenitha Gallagher - Vice President


Minister Shenitha Gallagher is an entrepreneur that’s in partnership in a unisex barbershop with her husband, Clarence Gallagher III, called Blessed Cuts & Styles, LLC. Minister Gallagher has been a hair stylist since the age of ten, she is also the Vice President of a non- profit organization founded by her husband ‘’The Blessings Community Outreach, Inc.’’ Minister Gallagher grew up in a single family home with her father and five other siblings. Minister Gallagher's late father was a pastor of a church right in their home town, which what helped her to become a God fearing woman. She has been a Christian as long as she could remember; church was all she knew until she moved out of her father’s house. Soon after, she fell off track at the age of twenty but, giving up was not an option for her. She got up, dusts off, and continued to fight the good fight, determined to serve God.

In the year of 2018, Minister Gallagher joined a Christian school called School Of Warriors that taught her how to be an intercessor. Minister Gallagher was so moved and motivated by the 12 week course; she knew it was more work for her to do. Later she finishes the course and graduates as a Minister. Minister Gallagher has experienced a multitude of things in her life which kept her closer to God. A woman of God who refuses to give up or give in which led her to launch her ministry called Motivational Tea. Her heart goes out to women of all ages to stay motivated and focus on fulfilling their purpose in life.    niE196u

Catrina Jones - Secretary

Minister Catrina Jones is a native of Ft. Lauderdale FL where she was raised by both her mother and grandmother. She is the mother of one handsome talented son whom she loves and supports dearly. Minister Jones holds a degree in medical assistant, medical billing and coding and later returned to school to receive her associate degree in criminal justice. She has recently graduated from The School of Warriors, a12-week training equipping intercessors, and has successfully completed an 18-week leadership and biblical training class. Minister Jones gave her life to Christ at a very young age but decided to rededicate her life to Christ at the age of 22. She has always been very active in ministry and has served on the usher board and sung in the choir. She is currently an active member of Land Of Empowerment Ministries, where she serves as the financial administrator, an alter worker, and is one of the board of directors. Minister Catrina is the CEO and Founder of CSJ Management, a Booking and Promoting Company for Gospel Artist. She has been nominated recently for the 2018 Promoter of the year award at the Tampa Bay Gospel Awards. Minister Jones is preparing to launch a youth outreach ministry for teenage girls called SWAT Team Youth Ministries. Her vision is to encourage, motivate, inspire, invest, and to build teen girls spiritually and naturally. Minister Jones is also preparing to publish her first book that will pour into and build teenage girls in all walks of life. She is passionate, faithful, and excited about all of the doors that God will grace her to walk through.